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Red Laser Sights Vs. Green Laser Sights

You�ve decided that you need a laser sight for your firearm. Then you chose a rail mount laser, a laser grip, or a guide rod laser. Now, you need to decide on a red laser sight or a green laser sight. The research I�ve seen shows the green laser sight is easier to see in daylight hours than the red laser sight.

Here is the science behind green laser sights being easier to see in daylight hours: Green is closer to the center of the visible spectrum at 532 Nanometers. It is easier for our eyes to see the color green vs. the color red at 635 Nanometers. A green laser can appear as much as 50 times brighter than a red laser. A visible spectrum chart illustrates 532 nm is the ideal wavelength to maximize visibility during day or night.

Once again, you need to choose which color of laser sight would work well for you. If your main purpose is to protect against a night time home invasion, then a red laser sight will work just fine. If you are going to do daylight target shooting and want a brighter light or if you will be in tactical situations during the day a green laser sight might be better for you.

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