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Laserlyte V3 Sub-Compact Red Laser Sight

Laserlyte V3 Sub-Compact Red Laser Sight
Item# LLFSL-3-689706210465
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Product Description:

The Laserlyte V3 red laser sight takes their highly advanced technology and pushes the envelope. The V3 is the most compact and versatile rail mount laser sight they have created to date. The V3 is half the size of it's predecessor laser by LaserLyte and is the company's most technologically advanced laser sight. The Laserlyte V3 will fit any firearm with 3/4 of an inch of rail space.

The V3 is made out of T6 aluminum for extra strength and ruggedness. The updated and refined V3 also has an auto off feature that allows you to save battery life. If you leave the laser sight on for five minutes it flashes for one minute before it turns off.If it turns off when you didn't want it to, simply press the on/off button to reset it.

The super small Laserlyte V3 mounts quickly and easily with a hex drive crossbar screw. The V3 is easy to adjust for windage and elevation. The V3 also has programmable constant on and pulse modes. The V3 laser is easy to use for left or right handed shooters due to the well thought out dual activation buttons located at the rear of the laser. Buy the Laserlyte V3 for your compact pistol, sub-compact gun, or your rifle.

The V3 laser is powered by four 377 batteries that give you five hours of life on constant on mode and ten hours of life on pulse mode.

Technical Specifications:

Laser module: 650nm

Laser modes: constant on, pulse and auto-off

Batteries: 4-377 batteries

Battery Life: 5 hours constant on (actual usage), 10 hours pulse (actual usage)

Material: 6061 T6 aluminum

Weight: .50 oz., 15 g

Length/Width/Height: .92 in./.69 in./.20 in., 23.37 mm/ 17.53 mm/ 5.08 mm

Range at Night: 500 yd., 457.2 m

Model Fits:

Any firearm with a minimum of .70 inches rail space.

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